The Language you speak.  

Creative Voices

By Julissa Castro-Ruiz / Matthew staff || Edited by Giulia Leo

The language you speak is a borrowed identity

from the colonizers of the past.

Killing the silent voice

That flows in your tongue.

The language you speak rendered itself  

To be shaped and molded as you please.

Crossed a to z to find the meaning of you.   

The dialect of us.  

The language you speak has become the passport. 

For your border crisis.  

The tower of babel maker of history.  

Reincarnated you thousandfold.  

The language you speak has become a reflection of you. 

Not by the way you talk  

Nor the words that leave your mouth 

But the connections you make when you address the crowd. 

The language you speak no other but me 

shall learn it.