Our Team

We are a group of volunteers, passionate about writing on issues that matter. Our international team includes students across majors, interests and disciplines involved on a semesterly and yearly basis during our studies at JCU.  

Our structure is made up of the board, which includes the president, editor in chief, and social media manager. Our members include staff writers, copy editors, layout designers, a podcast team, and special contributors.

Our team is advised and supervised by a JCU professor.

Meet the Board

Giorgia Rifaldi


English Literature Major, Senior

Pavia, Italy

“Shaggy from Scooby Doo once gave me cupcakes.”


Vittoria Maione

Social Media Manager

Political Science and Psychology Major, Junior

Napoli, Italy

“I spend most of my days watching true crime shows.”


Caitlyn Davis

Editor in Chief

Communications Major, Junior

Stuttgart, Germany

“Buying a Boat is one of my life goals.”


Francesca Cucuzza

Website Manager

Marketing Major, Junior

Rome, Italy

“I’m 24/7 with my earphones on, or playing background music in my head.”


Copy Editors

Marilù Ciabattoni (Mary Lou)

English Literature Major, Senior

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

“I have a not-so-mild obsession with New York City.”


Idone Rhodes

Undecided Major, Freshman (Visiting Student)

Newton, Massachusetts

“I’ve met the actress who plays Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is my favorite TV show.”

Beatrice Biada

English Literature Major, Senior

Rome, Italy

“I love the sea, books and Studio Ghibli movies.”


Ilenia Reale

Communications Major, Sophomore

Rome, Italy

“I’m obsessed with ‘Hamilton the Musical’ but I’ve never seen it.”


Silvia Valentini

English Literature Major, Senior

Marino, Italy

“When I grow up I want to be a beekeeper.”


Our Staff Writers

Julissa Castro

Political Science Major, Sophomore

El Progreso, Honduras

“I want to go backpacking across Asia.”

Caterina Fassina

Political Science and Communications Major, Senior

Milan, Italy

“I fall asleep while listening to press releases.”


Giulia Leo

English Literature and Communications Major, Junior

Bari, Italy

“I have a huge Harry Styles poster in my living room.”


Kitty Welsh

International Affairs Major, Junior

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I love to ski!”


Arianna Zomparelli

International Affairs Major, Sophomore

Rome, Italy

“If you ever see me listening to “Cellophane” on repeat, please mind your business.”


Our Advisor

Professor Elizabeth Macias-Gutiérrez

Newspaper Supervisor and Editor

Department of Communications

Torreón, Mexico


Graduated Members

Visit our contact page for updates on the roles you can apply for.

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