Soul Food

A poem.

Creative Voices

By Julissa Castro-Ruiz / Matthew staff || Edited by Giulia Leo

My mom came for spring. 

Cooked me food I didn’t ask for but was more than happy to eat.

In twenty minutes, she had transformed yesterday’s leftovers into today’s feast.  

A familiar aroma woke me up. I wished I was back home.  

It has been a while since I had Soul Food. 

The one that feeds not only your wants but your needs.  

My face was dull, lifeless, from the lack of spice. 

We laughed and talked over coffee.  

We said our goodbyes and I left for school.  

Eager to come back.

I watched her, trying to imprint in my memory the way her hands made miracles.  

Dishes only a few have the honor to eat.

I wish more people knew.

What it feels to be alive.  

What a Baleada with Coffee can do to your body.  

How a Pollo Chuco tastes better with company. 

How a sailor will envy a Sopa Marinera on a sunny day. 

The nutritional values of a Yuca con Chicharron.  

The warmth of an Atol.  

Why the Tamales are the food of gods.  

Why Pastelitos will always make me smile.

We ate like Queens.  

When my mom came for spring. 

I hope my kids will have a mom  

who comes for spring.