On a Summer’s Day 

For Zach (03/26/1985 – 06/27/2012) 

Creative Voices

By Angelica Erskine / Contributor || Edited by Kayla Muller

Photo courtesy of Wilson Sánchez 

You left me on a summer’s day 

When warmth and light are one 

When fish are jumping in the stream  

Cattle graze, horses preen 

And lizards worship sun 

You left me on a summer’s day 

And now you will never know 

Summer breezes, changing seasons, 

Snow sprinkled trees, red falling leaves 

How it feels to be in love 

You left me on a summer’s day  

Yet it felt like winter in late June 

My heart froze and then burst and broke 

Like Grandma’s pipes  

Under December’s fullest moon  

On a summer’s day, you went away 

And a cold sweat overcame me  

like the black plague, there is no cure, no fee, no rune 

That can save me from the world droning on  

though you were gone, to a syncopated tune 

You left me on a summer’s day 

to test worlds I’ve yet to see 

To fly away far and free 

And here on earth, I am left behind  

To ponder how and why 

You left me on a summer’s day 

To grieve your loss while crickets sing 

July 4th, 2012, we buried your ashes 

under the dogwood tree  

Born my Prince died as King 

With fireworks to send you on your way 

You left us on that summer’s day.