Still Thinking About You   

Creative Voices

By Barbara Pena Guzman / Matthew staff | | Edited by Alexandra Nava-Baltimore 

Photo by Tyler Lastovich 


I wanted to text you because I’ve been dreaming about your voice. 

I’ve been wanting to kiss you because it felt so natural between us 

And you said it felt like we’ve known each other for longer  

And I really don’t know if the reason is just PMS or another 

I ran today because I thought I could outrun my heart 

And I ended up alone in a laundromat 

I’m just waiting and waiting like a willow for her spouse’s voice in the air 

But nothing comes through, and I wonder what my mistake was 

My heart’s been in airplane mode, and you came along 

Now every time my phone lights up, oh I pray to God 

But your words were empty and your heart away 

And it hurt so bad when you didn’t know what to say 

I’m a number on your phone when you have an itch to scratch… 

I wonder if I knew all this from the start… 

When you said those words, I was in your duvet… 

Domani non lavoro e puoi venire un po’ da me