JCU Alumni Network: Another Step into the Future

A new platform where alumni can connect with the JCU community online. 


By Alessandro Cataldi /Matthew Staff | | Edited by Courtney Lane and Amber Alexander

Following John Cabot University’s 50th anniversary, the Office of Development & Alumni Affairs along with the JCU Alumni Association have launched the official JCU Alumni Network, an online platform to help JCU alumni stay direclty in touch with peers, faculty and staff, rather than needing to go through the Alumni Office.  

About six weeks after its official launch, the online platform more than 200 users has registered, including alumni, current students and faculty.  

According to its founders, the network strives to strengthen the JCU community bond. In order to do so, the new site offers specific features and is equipped with easily accessible functions. 

On the homepage, users are greeted by a running feed where everyone from alumni to the current graduating class lets their ideas hover freely in search of constructive feedback while also being updated on current events happening on and off campus.  

From the homepage, users also have access to a mentoring program that puts the students in touch with graduates who as established professionals can help them in the winding journey of finding a job after graduation. If a student is eager to get involved, the site also offers job opportunities or internships posted by alumni, students, and strategic partners.  

Snapshot of the JCU Alumni Network banner. 

Another feature of the Alumni Network is the option to create group conversations about topics that concern or interest users sharing the same field of study, interests and careers. 

Sample of group conversations wall on the new Alumni Network platform.

However, not only does the network promote virtual networking, but also in-person connections through live events. Most recently, on Feb. 10, the network hosted an aperitivo in Guarini’s Aula Magna, where students met and networked with alumni and met the President of the Alumni Association, Francesco Ruspoli ‘94. 

Image from John Cabot University’s Instagram

The Office of Development & Alumni Affairs said it hopes the “success” of the aperitivo makes it the first of a series of events with the new Alumni Network.  

For more information, contact Anastasia Konali from the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at alumni@johncabot.edu