Explorando Excello: Welcome to John Cabot University

A dip in the history of our university and a look towards the future of ourselves. 

Student Commentary

By Annalucia Scotto Di Clemente / Matthew staff || Edited by Julissa Castro

Photo by Francesco Ungaro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/rows-of-shelves-with-books-at-sunlight-7381555/

I found John Cabot University by chance one day when, looking among various universities, this large, impressive and innovative one appeared on my computer screen and immediately caught my attention. This is when the research, the calls and the in-depth study of every single access box on the university website began. The days went by, and John Cabot University became a fixed, constant and wonderful thought that was also, at first, a bit daunting. It was a beautiful yet almost unreal thought, but at the same time, it always left a smile on my face in the wake of each doubt or fear. 

What first caught my attention from JCU was certainly the study method that focuses on the skills, ideas and active participation of each student in each lesson or project. What fascinated me even more was the concept of a “global citizen,”- a title with which the students of John Cabot University graduate. The mere thought of being able to interact, get to know and collaborate with students from 75 countries around the world thrilled me. I love to catapult myself into new cultures as I know they will positively influence my university experience by contributing to the enrichment of my cultural background, and above all, to the enrichment of my values and beliefs. There were also numerous other aspects that struck me such as the use of the English language in the courses, which has become nothing short of fundamental in almost all fields of work, and the opportunity to give free rein to one’s interests through the addition of minors to one’s chosen study path. And finally, but not least in importance, I hope that Rome, the eternal city, the capital of the country I am from and a city rich in human elegance, would be the starting point for my tomorrow and will welcome me with great warmth from Dublin, London and Dubai, the other cities where I had the opportunity to live and study.  

I’m in my first semester at John Cabot University today. Day after day I am living an incredible experience that allowed me to meet wonderful people and that allows me to learn more every day. I am a communication student and have chosen to deepen my course of study with a minor in creative writing. I think I made the right choice with a university that allows you to grow at all round thanks to training courses, clubs and events. 

 This year, John Cabot University is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1972 as a private university in the heart of Rome, Trastevere, JCU takes his name from the Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto (1450 – 1501). It is the third university in Italy, along with Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, to have international accreditations and awards such as the AACSB and the CFA University  

Before joining JCU, I knew fairly well what it meant to study in English and within a different academic system from the Italian one. Past experiences had already brought me face to face with other cultures, beliefs, ideas and projects that are different from my own. This variety had allowed me to grow, learn and admire, with increasing strength and benevolent eyes, the beautiful diversity that characterizes the world. I couldn’t wait to be able to hone this personal growth process at JCU and to be able to enhance my strengths with the same dedication and willpower. Writing has always accompanied the most important and intense moments of my life, it has always represented for me a safe refuge and a healing outlet. I chose to major in Communication with a minor in Creative Writing so that I can put on paper the knowledge and experiences I encounter. 

John Cabot offers 14 degree programs (majors) and 20 specializations (minors) in economics, humanities and socio-politics. The flexibility of the academic system allows you to customize the study plan, combining multiple subjects and pursuing different interests. This enormous flexibility is closely linked to those who make up the body and soul of the university: the students. This is because John Cabot’s goal is to offer its students the best study plan consisting not only of courses of their choice, but also of continuous job and volunteer opportunities. It is a university ready to reward those who with constancy, sacrifice and dedication achieve outstanding results. At the same time, however, it is always ready to help those who are in difficulty, especially thanks to the continuous support of faculty.  

John Cabot marks the growth and path its students take. In truth, we could define it as a roller coaster where moments of strength and joy alternate with moments of discouragement and anger. This is due to a strict study system where each semester is concentrated in 14 weeks. But it is perhaps precisely this severity, combined with a constant dedication of those who compose the university, that has led JCU to achieve its amazing results. John Cabot University has instructed students who have realized their dreams or are completing their journey to study around the world. This university is a world to discover, a path to follow without leaving anything behind, and above all, a mountain from which to descend only at the end of the tour even if you are afraid.  

For this reason, we must never forget the good fortune that we have in being students at this university and we must make the most of both the opportunities that are proposed and our talents, because we have a thousand ways to give.  

I wish John Cabot more endless anniversaries and the spotlight on its students’ talents. Finally, I want to conclude with a brief passage that was part of my theme for admission to this incredible world. I hope that one day, the woman mentioned in that passage will come true and become the best part of who she is. I hope that all of you, dear readers, can find your way and become the best part of your being. 

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” With these words, Allen Ginsberg invites us to abandon our desire for and conviction of always having to be perfect which persists in our minds. True beauty lies in our very own uniqueness and daring which we hide at times for fear of coming across as mad in the eyes of those who surround us. But do you know what I think? I think that, deep down, there is nothing more beautiful than doing what is unexpected and realizing that imperfection is the steppingstone to betterment. This is why I decided to borrow this quote to let myself go and take an important step in life, that is, my choice of university. This choice will contribute to the making of the woman I will become in the future.