Baby Socks

Creative voices

By Angelica Luzzi (contributor) | Edited by Eleonora Prior

When I was a baby,  

I loved to play the “Why?” Game 

driving my parents crazy  

“Mommy why do we smile?  

“Why do we sleep at night?”  

But when I couldn’t fit into baby socks anymore, 

the questions got louder 

I started playing a different game,  

the “What’s the point?” game  

and you cannot win at this game  

the issue is that  

once it starts  

it can get so dark  

it’s hard 

to find an exit. 


But then my sister’s belly grew so much over the summer,  

And now I have baby socks on my nightstand  

smelling like baby powder  

They gave her my name  

Maybe you can win at this game  

Maybe it’s not too dark,  

Maybe it’s just too bright you cannot see.