Just one more

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

A poem.

Creative Voices

By Catherine Grieco / Contributor

“Just one more story please, before I go to bed” the 4 year old pleads to her mother  

“Just one more quick game please, then we can eat” the 13 year old begs her father  

“Just one more kiss” the now 20 year old girl asks her boyfriend before he takes the bus home  

“Just one more drink, so I can fall asleep”, she tells herself at 25.  She had 7  

“Just one more bruise, until I’ll leave him” the 35 year old confided in her best friend.  But she never did  

Just one more phone call is all she wanted from her now late mother.   

“Just give me one more chance to make the deadline, you wouldn’t regret it” she tells her boss on an early Wednesday morning.  He gave her 4 cardboard boxes and wished her luck  

Just one last dance she wishes she had, the 70 year old widow thought to herself while looking at a photo of their wedding day.   

“Just one more story please, grandma then I’ll go to bed, promise!” Her 6 year old granddaughter made the old woman laugh as she remembered not too long ago saying the exact same words herself.