Restless Nights

Creative Voices

By Catherine Grieco / Contributor

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on

The rain violently pounds the glass windows.  A dog howels.  I turn on a light and head downstairs.  Maybe tea will help, I naively tell myself.  I sit in my rocking chair with millions of thoughts racing through my head.  I wonder what time the bank is going to call me. It will be the third time this week.  My leg starts shaking as I try to think of happier thoughts.  I try reading a book to help me unwind but the words just look like strange symbols floating on the page. My eyes burn so I put the book down.  I look at the calendar “April” the photo is a girl picking a tulip.  I scoff, “ha I bet if she knew it was tax season she wouldn’t be smiling and picking flowers.”  I try turning on the television.  The only station is QVC. I turn it off.  I start pacing back and forth in the kitchen.  I stare out the window, it’s still raining but not as heavily.  The motel across the street’s neon sign is still flickering. “Are they every going to fix it,” I ask myself.   Desperate to try to sleep I reach for the half-empty Jim beam on the top corner.  This oughta do I think to myself.  I swallow it and feel it burn as it makes its way down my stomach.  I noticed the paint chipping on the corner wall in the kitchen.  Gotta add repainting the kitchen to the list of things I have to do.  I start laughing, “no use painting the kitchen when they’re about to take my home away, jokes on them.” I make my way into the bedroom and collapse into my bed.  I squint trying to make out the time on my alarm clock.  4:37.  I start crying, “I just want to sleep,” I yelled out in frustration.

Beep beep beep. It was my alarm clock. It is 7 a.m.