I Still Love You

Video– Editor’s Pick by Caitlyn Davis

By Saliha Crespo / Contributor 

Alone, cold, and craving his touch, with one last chance to express how she truly feels to win him back.

Saliha Crespo is a 21-year-old award-winning entrepreneur, actress, photographer and filmmaker. She uses her platform to raise awareness about different social issues that she is passionate about. She wrote and directed her first short film, “Catch Me” in 2016, which speaks up about the risks of dating violence amongst teenagers, and won two awards presenting this film at the Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival. She is currently working on her new short film, “Runaway: The Grooming Stage” which focuses on human trafficking and plans to release it during the summer of 2023.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Saliha Crespo plans to graduate from John Cabot University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and Media and a minor in Art and Design.

For more information, visit http://www.justsalihaa.com.

Youtube: The Visionary (Just Saliha)

Instagram: @justsalihaa

Email: screspo@johncabot.edu